Tea at the Ritz 2017

St Agnes Croquet Club

TEA at the RITZ

A wonderful afternoon at the Methodist Hall saw over 80 people come to have ‘Tea at the Ritz’. Tea was decorously served – bone china – cake stands – napkins and polite conversation was the order of the day. Most guests had dressed for the occasion, several ladies had dusted down their hats or borrowed one from friends.

All the food was homemade – salmon, egg & cress and of course cucumber sandwiches – no crusts to be seen – and fancy little cakes. Tremendous fun and a wonderful atmosphere. A lady remarked ‘what a splendid party – will you do it again?’

The waitresses, washer-uppers and helpers were all recruited from the club. The waitresses in black, white aprons and frilly hats reminded older guests of the Lyons Corner Houses of the 50s.

Proceeds went towards club funds with a donation to the NSPCC.

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